Our coffee

April 21, 2016



At Circles Café & Hostel we are proud to be serving you coffee that supports local growers and is expertly roasted here in San Marcos la Laguna by Shangri-la Atitlan.

So what makes our coffee so great?

It supports the local economy
Our coffee is selected and roasted by Tim Reher. Originally from Germany, Tim has been living in San Marcos for over six years and is now in his third coffee season with Shangri-la Atitlan.

Tim tells us a little more about roasting coffee in Guatemala:

“Annually, San Marcos la Laguna produces huge quantities of coffee,” says Tim. “I first decided to roast so that the coffee grown here was made available to drink here and boost the economy of the town. Before I started roasting nearly all of this coffee was sold through the coyotes and left the lake area. Because I buy direct from the farm it takes out the middle man, and I can pay up to 20% more to the grower.”

It is quality checked
Tim explains: “The art to a perfect cup of coffee is about quality control throughout the whole process. One under/over ripe or bad bean can spoil the taste. These quality checks start right at growing and harvesting where we select the ripe red cherries only. To encourage quality from the first stage the farmers who deliver crop with the best outcome receive bonuses. Once again, at the fermenting, drying and sorting stage we continue to take out any poor quality beans. The beans are then roasted to perfection. After roasting we continue to remove any imperfect beans or leftover parchment.

Finally it’s about getting the right roast and grind for how you are brewing your coffee before it hits your cup.

And this is where we come in!



We have personally selected our roasts. Shangri-la Atitlan roasts all year round to keep us and many other shops and restaurants in San Marcos la Laguna supplied with quality local specialty coffee.

Our espresso We worked with Tim to find a roast that fits and are serving you a full city roast. Roasted past the first crack of the bean to leave a sweet taste to the coffee that we grind freshly for each cup.

Our filter For our filter coffee we serve a city roast. A little lighter but brewed strong for a cup packing plenty of flavor.

Our Turkish For this powerful little cup we use the Vienna roast. This is at the darker end of the roasts giving a strong deep taste.

We are reducing and reusing our waste
We buy all our coffee in bulk and store it in reusable containers to avoid all that packaging. After we have made your cup of coffee our old grinds go to be used to grow mushrooms, make soaps and other natural products.

We are learning and teaching at the same time
We started out with just knowing we needed a cup of coffee to get through the day. Since we opened in December 2014 many coffee experts have come through our door to share their expertise and now we are training members of our local team to be baristas.

We take great care in how we prepare our coffee from getting the right roast, grind, extraction and preparation and we are very proud to be serving specialty single origin coffee that supports the town.

If you would like to find out more about the whole process we also offer coffee tours >

We hope to see you for a cup of great coffee soon!