About us

December 7, 2014
We opened our doors in 2014 with the aim to serve great coffee, food and accommodation in a comfortable and inspiring atmosphere – the perfect base to explore San Marcos la Laguna and the Lake Atitlan area. Along with our cafe and hostel we also have a bakery and shop selling fresh bread and baked goods, coffee from a selection of different roast grades and regions and other delicious products.
Why Circles? 
We like to think of how we interact with the world in the sense of circles. We are all at the centre of a circle with many things influencing and impacting on us and we, vice versa influence and impact on others and the environment around us. When we take the time to know and understand ourselves as individuals we can then start to have a positive effect on our surrounding circle which ripples out.
Small actions make big differences
We are always looking at how we can reduce negative impacts in our business model and increase opportunity for positive steps in living together in harmony with people and the environment around us.
Whether you are just visiting the cafe, shop and bakery or staying with us we hope you enjoy your experience and in San Marcos la Laguna.
San Marcos la Laguna

San Marcos la Laguna is one of the most beautiful spots on Lake Atitlan. The town itself is a convergence of cultures, with its roots in Mayan traditions. The streets are full of colour from both the people and surrounding nature. During your stay here there are a huge variety of activities to take advantage of from yoga, meditation, kayaking, trekking, to live music, drum making, many different workshops and so much more. This is a town with an amazing sense of community that is both a place to be inspired and inspire others.

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